Winter Activities

Christmas fete

This month WDP held an alcohol and tobacco stall at a Christmas Fete as part of Aldgate Community Events. The event was an opportunity to provide information about smoking cessation and the dangers of drinking above the recommended daily and weekly units of alcohol. Members of the community participated by trying on beer goggles to experience the effect of alcohol on vision and balance. Participants also had lung CO breath tests carried out to assess the level of carbon monoxide exposure in the lungs. WDP’s Sharon Buckley and Danielle Mervyn were on hand to answer individuals’ questions about smoking, alcohol and drugs and to provide information about WDP’s services including smoking cessation clinics across the City of London.
WDP, along with the City of London Police, also held an information stall at Eastcheap Post Office to provide information on smoking, alcohol and drugs. In the busy post office, WDP’s Jim Mummery and Danielle Mervyn offered waiting customers help and advice on how to reduce cigarette consumption and how to avoid drinking over the government’s recommended alcohol unit intake. Individuals were interested to find out the level of carbon monoxide in their lungs and participated in breath tests. Smokers were informed about the many nicotine replacement therapies available and were given information about WDP’s free Smoking Cessation clinics available for residents and workers in the City.