Illegal Tobacco Campaign

Cheap Tobacco

This week, Square Mile Health teamed up with trading standards for the launch of their Illegal Tobacco Campaign. The initiative, aimed at raising awareness of the real implications of illegal tobacco, has been rolled out over a number of London boroughs.

All tobacco products are harmful, and whether they are bought legitimately from a retailer or illegally on the black market, contain over 4,000 chemicals, at least 60 of which are known to cause cancer.

Illegal tobacco products are cigarettes, hand-rolling tobacco or niche products (such as beedis/bidis and sheesha/shisha) that have been smuggled, bootlegged or are counterfeit. Sold at pocket money prices, cheap tobacco makes it all too easy for our children to smoke and become addicted.

Far from being a victimless crime, the illegal tobacco trade makes it easier for children to start smoking, takes advantage of cash-strapped families, and helps fund organised crime, with the people selling cheap, illegal tobacco likely to be selling other things illegally (drugs, fake branded goods and alcohol), exposing our children to more dangers.

For information on how to spot illegal tobacco, please visit the website below: