Square Mile Health has an experienced Health and Wellbeing Trainer who provides life-changing training programmes to the City of London community.

Training and workshops include:

  • Champagne and Cocaine in the City: Breaking the Trend
  • Healthier Living: Smarter Choices with Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Kicking the Habit: How to be Smoke-Free


These can be combined or adapted to vary in length (from 30 minutes up to one full day) and content to suit the needs of the service user.

For more information, contact us:

Tel: 0300 303 2715


Corporate Awareness

In addition to the above-mentioned training programmes, Square Mile Health offers tobacco, drug and alcohol information stalls, supporting companies to raise awareness and improve the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Awareness stalls comprise of a variety of hands-on and interactive materials, highlighting the risks of smoking, drinking, and using substances. A fully trained advisor is on-hand with leaflets, factsheets and advice, and referrals can be made to smoking clinics and local drug and alcohol services.

National and international awareness days, such as National No Smoking Day, World Health Day or Stress Awareness Month, are the perfect occasion to hold a tobacco, alcohol and drug awareness stall in your company canteen, outdoor space or meeting area.

PH350Square Mile Health is a member of Business Healthy.

Some of the feedback from those attending our events this year:

“I would personally like to thank Square Mile Health for coming and engaging with the event and strategy so positively. It is your support, not only for events such as these, but also for the wider strategy that will bring the programme to life and ensure we make long-lasting and meaningful impacts”

“We really do appreciate the time and effort extended to this event by WDP so please express our gratitude to the team”

“Thank you so much for providing such a professional and all-encompassing event for our team.”

Youth Centres and Schools

Understanding the importance of early intervention, Square Mile Health also provides tobacco, drug and alcohol workshops to young people in the schools and colleges of the City of London.

In comparison to one-off seminars provided for adult service users, and in line with the latest drugs education research, we have developed a four-part programme to engage and empower young people.

We discuss the positive and negative sides of drugs and alcohol, encouraging open discussions and debates. The programme also has a heavy focus on decision-making skills, self-esteem, assertiveness and refusal skills.

Our aim is to arm young people with the knowledge and skills to make informed choices around substance use.

These services are available free of charge to City of London businesses, workers, students and residents. Please contact us if you would like to know more.