Square Mile Health has an experienced Health and Wellbeing Trainer who is able to provide life changing training initiatives to the City of London community, through training its frontline workforce, local residents, and professionals within the City’s thriving corporate sector. Bespoke training, seminars and talks are delivered on a range of tobacco, drug and alcohol related topics, and can be created to vary in length (30 minutes – 1 full day) and content, to suit the needs of the client.

At the request of the client, recent seminars have been designed to help staff of City businesses familiarize themselves with the effects and appearance of commonly used and newer emerging substances, as well as tell-tale signs of drug use and paraphernalia. The ‘Substance Use: Do your kids know more than you?’ seminar allows parents to keep abreast of slang terms and the possible availability of certain drugs, with a view to better understanding the substances which their children may be offered, and the risks that they present.

Other training and seminar initiatives include ‘Drug and Alcohol Awareness’, ‘Legal Highs and Novel Psychoactive Substances’, and ‘Cocaine Culture’, but can be designed around a variant of health and wellbeing, tobacco, drug and alcohol topics.

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Corporate Awareness

In addition to the above mentioned training programmes, Square Mile Health offer tobacco, drug and alcohol awareness stalls, which can be held in support of corporate Health and Wellbeing events, supporting companies with raising awareness and providing advice to employees, or as a free-standing enterprise. Awareness stalls comprise of a variety of hands-on and interactive materials, highlighting the risks of smoking, drinking, and using substances, as well as leaflets, factsheets, advice and referrals for all related concerns.

Awareness stalls can be held to coincide with calendar events such as National No Smoking Day, World Health Day, or Stress Awareness Month, and prove popular in workplace canteens, outdoor squares or meeting areas, or as part of larger events.

PH350Square Mile Health is a member of Business Healthy. Please see here for more information about their services.

Some of the feedback from those attending our events this year:

“I would personally like to thank Square Mile Health for coming and engaging with the event and strategy so positively. It is your support, not only for events such as these, but also for the wider strategy that will bring the programme to life and ensure we make long-lasting and meaningful impacts”

“We really do appreciate the time and effort extended to this event by WDP so please express our gratitude to the team”

“Thank you so much for providing such a professional and all-encompassing event for our team.”

Youth Centres and Schools

Understanding the importance of early intervention, Square Mile Health also work with young people within the City of London. Tobacco, drug and alcohol workshops are provided both within schools and local youth clubs, with a view to educating young people on the risks of substance use, raising awareness and allowing them to make informed choices. In comparison to the seminars and training provided for adult clients, shorter yet interactive workshops engage young people and encourage participation through open discussion, activities, and games.

Please refer to the Square Mile Health blog page to view write-ups and photographs of training initiatives, seminars, and awareness stalls held in recent months across the City. These services are available free of charge to City of London businesses, workers and residents. Please contact us if you would like to know more.