Alcohol Services

Do you have questions about your drinking?

In London, and in the UK as a whole, alcohol has become a social norm, however frequent alcohol use above the recommended limits can become problematic. Without the appropriate treatment and support, alcohol misuse can lead to long-term physical and mental health issues and can have an impact on the lives of both the consumer themselves, and the people around them.

The team at Square Mile Health is committed to addressing the wide range of problems an individual might encounter as a result of alcohol misuse.  Our framework of support is designed to encourage and facilitate stable recovery.

We provide one-to-one support for anyone living in the Square Mile who feels they need support or advice relating to their alcohol use, as well as specialist programmes to tackle emotional and physical issues that hinder the recovery process.

With psychosocial interventions, we aim to address drug or alcohol related triggers and repeating related behaviour which are shown to increase the risk of relapse, along with unresolved emotional issues, social isolation, financial hardship, legal issues and family problems, giving the service user their best chance for a positive outcome.

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Tel: 0300 303 2715