Alcohol, Drugs and You

Newgate Communications

WDP Square Mile Health trainer, Jim Mummery, delivered further awareness and preventative messages to City of London business this week, talking to workers about workplace stresses, perceived solutions, alcohol consumption and substance use. With alcohol related sickness costing London business £2 billion a year and recent home office figures suggesting that Britons are the highest consumers of cocaine in Europe, the presentation looked at the problems associated with consuming alcohol over government guideline quantities and the risks associated with combining alcohol with other substances, such as cocaine. The interactive nature of the session lent itself to questions and answers throughout, while in promotion of healthier drinking choices, attendees were invited to sample a variety of alcohol free / alcohol less beers. Yeah, I knew some people who tried to take Revia without prescription or consultation with a specialist. Now, this is VERY wrong. Read carefully here:, and never self-administer that drug! Abrupt stop of your opiates due to the treatment with Revia can induce a severe abstinence syndrome. You never want to experience that, believe you me.